50ml Cannabis Lube


If something promises to give you the best orgasms of your life, who wouldn’t be curious?

Cannabis infused oil is a powerful aphrodisiac and enhancer for women.

Those willing to experiment with oils should test a small batch on the inside of the elbow or another sensitive area before putting it directly on the genitals.

Using cannabis infused oil as lubricant is just a topical application. It is usually applied as a spray-on oil. It can also be a cream. For best results, apply about 15 minutes before you want to begin.

Topically applied cannabinoids work like local anaesthetics. In other words, only on the areas they are applied to. This includes body parts where there is pain sensation. Or tense muscles.

In the case of the vagina, however, cannabinoids do several other things. Female reproductive organs contain many cannabinoid receptors. Cannabis lube appears to stimulate the body’s natural lubricant production too.

Remember: a little goes a long way.


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By now, you’ve probably heard all about weed lube. And if you haven’t tried it, then chances are you’re dying to find out more. If something promises to give you the best orgasms of your life, who wouldn’t be curious? Not to mention, the herb in general offers mind blowing sex.

Once applied it takes 10-30 minutes to feel the effect. The product assists in heightening sensation and in releasing the bodies natural lubrication. The feel good is not limited to the ladies, the slow release of the strain ensures a long effect your partner will also experience also increasing blood flow making the experience and sense heightened. The natural ingredients in this lube may also assist with pain relief.

Made using organic Cannabis, organic coconut oil, and essential oils.

Due to this being an oil based product normal latex condoms are not recommended.

There are no side effects besides a sexy time.

The strain extracted and infused is Sativa dominant.