10g Indoor Super Cheese strain – Indica

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10g Super Cheese

Super Cheese, bred by Positronics, is a throwback to the old school strains that filled the coffee shops of Amsterdam in the late 1980s. Super Cheese was created through inbreeding, crossing Cheese genetics with another select phenotype believed to be Exodus Cheese. The aroma of this indica-dominant hybrid is a mix of skunky musk and a pungent blue cheese funk that has become synonymous with Cheese varieties. The flavour is a strong, smooth blend of bittersweet herbs and cream, like an earthy buttermilk.

It can help calm the mind, and ensure you a night of rest. Patients who suffer from chronic pain they greatly benefit from this strain, when used regularly. Super Cheese can help these patients by making them feel more relaxed, and relieving conditions such as back ache, migraines, joint aches as well as muscle pain.

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