Cannabis Beauty products

Cannabis beauty products South Africa

Khanya medicinals is excited to announce the launch of our exciting new anti-aging skin care line – Cannabis Beauty.

The hottest ingredient in beauty right now isn’t a rare nut, an exotic fruit, or a kind of insect venom.

It’s Cannabis, and Cannabis beauty products are now available to buy in South Africa.

Cannabis is pretty damn great. The health benefits are endless, with studies proving that cannabis can do everything from decrease anxiety and relieve chronic pain to reduce epileptic seizures.

More recently, scientific evidence has backed up the benefits of cannabis in skin care, making it quite the buzzy ingredient – especially amongst natural beauty brands.

For years, the dagga plant has been linked to the concept of getting “high”, but there are other elements of the plant that can help with all sorts of bodily concerns without getting you high. CBD and THC studies have shown that these Cannabinoids offer medicinal benefits. Cannabis beauty products can assist with myriad skin issues such as aging skin, irritation, and inflammation. There are also cannabis wellness products designed to help you deal with aching muscles and sleep problems. Don’t you just love nature and its many miracles?

Cannabis-infused products are the next wave in beauty. But don’t worry, the only trip it’ll take you on is one to our online store.

Khanya Medicinals offers Cannabis beauty products for a relaxing bath, for soothing sore muscles, Cannabis cream to help protect and heal your skin, and even a lip balm for healing chapped lips.

Women report that our Cannabis cream moisturizes their face like no other product they’ve ever used before. Those suffering from the winter chill and chapped lips also say that our Cannabis lip balm is keeping their lips smooth and supple. And what’s better than after a long difficult day to relax in a soothing hot bath with our famous Cannabis bath salts?

Cannabis beauty products are making a huge impact on the beauty and fashion industry in South Africa so why not try it for yourself?

Beauty, as nature intended.


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