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Cannabis Cream South Africa

Are you wanting to buy Cannabis cream in South Africa?

As part of our ongoing commitment to helping our patients live free, we are pleased to introduce our new luxurious Khanya Cannabis topical cream.

You’ve probably heard that cannabis topicals are great for your skin, but did you know they could also treat burns, alleviate arthritis, and take therapeutic massages to a whole other level?

And this barely scratches the surface.

Because cannabis topicals are non-psychoactive, they are a versatile way for you to take advantage of those cannabinoids.

We have created this Cannabis topical Cream with a wide array of patients in mind. Whether you are afflicted with pain resulting from sports injuries or have joint inflammation, our Topical Cream – when combined with our cannabis oils – could provide you with relief where you need it.

Repair sun-damaged skin from the summer and help you skin regenerate itself with this lotion that can also salvage dry, dull skin. Khanya Cannabis cream is made using organically grown Cannabis extracted using certified food grade ethanol and infused into organic coconut oil and then mixed with Beeswax, Dried Olive Leaf Powder (Oleae europaea) and Rose Geranium. Our unique formulation of Cannabis cream all work together to soften your skin, stop itchiness related to lack of moisture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. You’d be hard pressed to find a better beauty and pain relief product.

It may come as a surprise, but Cannabis applied directly to the skin can greatly improve skin health. But, how does it work?

The skin in the largest bodily organ. It’s our first point of contact with the world around us, and it protects our internal organs from harm. While it may not seem like it, the skin is surprisingly active. Cells in the skin synthesize vitamin D, regulate our body temperature, and helps us detect changes in our environment. For these reasons, it’s important to keep skin healthy.

Specialized glands, cells, and hairs help the skin perform all of its routine functions. Surprisingly, recent research has shown that cannabinoid receptors are actually found on cells throughout the skin. Cannabinoid receptors are the binding locations for compounds like THC, the primary active chemical in cannabis. Both THC and non-psychoactive CBD are phytocannabinoids. Our bodies make versions of these compounds, known as endocannabinoids.

It’s a common misconception that cannabinoid receptors are concentrated only in the central nervous system and the brain. They’re actually found all throughout the body. This includes the skin, the gut, and reproductive organs. The fact that these cell sites are found in a wide range of bodily regions indicates how important endocannabinoids are to our basic health and physiological functioning. This includes the basic health and functioning of the skin.

The skin contains numerous oil-producing factories known as sebaceous glands. This oil  has a few purposes: it lubricates the skin, protects your body from invading germs, and plays a role in skin nutrition. The oil, known as sebum, contains antioxidants and is slightly acidic. The acidity helps neutralize any undesired bacteria that you may pick up throughout the day.

Studies have shown that the endocannabinoid system aids in sebum creation. The endocannabinoid system is thought to play a regulatory role in managing the production of this oil, along with maintaining the function of the hair follicle. Sebaceous glands are connected to hair follicles, causing the two of them to act as a mini-organ of the skin.

When you apply activated cannabis directly to the skin in the form of a topical, you’re directly engaging these cannabinoid receptors. If you sprain an ankle and your ankle swells up, applying a cannabis topical can both ease the pain in that area as well as drastically reduce inflammation.

The same goes with other inflammatory abrasions, bruises, and skin conditions. Cannabis cream is non-psychoactive. Simply rubbing on a little canna-balm isn’t going to get you high. But, infused balms, creams, salves, and lotions are a great natural first-aid product to have on hand for minor abrasions.

If you don’t have any specific nagging areas to focus on, try adding some topical relief to these common sore spots (or, better yet, get your significant other to massage them for you):

  • Temples
  • Neck
  • Elbows, knees, and other joints
  • Wrists
  • Soles of your feet
  • Back of the heel/foot
  • Shoulders

Obviously, for serious skin issues or injuries, you’ll need to consult a doctor before trying any new treatments.

That being said, perhaps it’s time to treat your skin with our beautiful Cannabis cream?

Visit our online Cannabis shop now to buy your Cannabis cream in South Africa.




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